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C-141 Tail Number: 65-9402

Typical MAC Bag Drag, circa 1969 at Yokota AB, Japan
Copyright ©: Kirk Kendall
He checked is log book and said this photo is of 65-9402

Date:November 1968
Location:Yokota AB, Japan
Copyright: Nicholas Williams

This aircraft may be the only C-141 to ever have gone supersonic. See the story at this link.

This photo was taken while 65-9402 was sitting on the ramp at the COMOX airport awaiting repairs following the 'supersonic' incident'. Due to the resolution of the photo you can't make out the tail number, but trust me, it's 9042.
Copyright © 1976, Bill Weeper

Bill adds these comments regarding the supersonic incident:

I was on a C-141 crew that took a replacement set of petal doors to Comox RCAFB Canada after the incident with 65-9402. We took the old set back to Norton. One of the petal doors had a large chunk taken out of the door (at narrow end). It sat there for quite a while getting repaired. A loadmaster friend of mine (George Spaulding) was on board 402 when the incident occurred. I can't remember any of the other crew member's names.
Bill Weeper

Copyright ©: Paul Minert, Date: November 1980

Looking very tired
Copyright ©: John Neilson, Date: 2000 at the boneyard

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