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On various pages on this web site you will find photos of C-141's that have crashed or otherwise been destroyed (e.g., ground accidents). It is a touchy subject for many of us: There were usually fatalities, and they were our friends. Why put this sort of information on the web? Doesn't it just appeal to a morbid curiosity?

As a former C-141 crewmember I have mixed feelings about it. But I also know that many of you are still flying, though not many are lucky enough to still be flying the C-141. When I was in the Air Force, and I'm sure it's still true, there was a feeling that there were lessons to be learned from any accident or incident. While our ability to provide the complete detail of these accidents is limited to non-official sources, there are still lessons to learn. And despite the knowledge that people were hurt or killed in these accidents, often a photograph will stick in your mind far better than words could ever do. That is why the pictures are here .. they are part of the C-141 story, whether we like it or not. It would be wonderful if flying the C-141 was only a story of happy times and no danger. That is not what it was.. and those who served and still do, deserve to know the whole story.

This is a list of C-141 crew members and maintenance personal of have lost their lives in C-141 accidents. During your training or operational experiences in the AF it's a good bet you may have had the opportunity to get to know one or more of these individuals.

The list is compiled from published public sources and is not an official list. If you know of any corrections, additions, etc., please let me know. In a number of C-141 accidents there were passengers who were members of the military, dependents, or other DoD personnel. We don't have access to a list of all of those names.

Rank and crew position are not shown. Some of these individuals have web pages devoted to them, created by loved ones or fellow squadron-mates. As I become aware of these links, I will link these names to those sites.

Arensman, Harold D
Arnold, Peter J
Babcock, Edward P
Bass, Charlie J
Bialke, Glenn F
Bissett, Monte
Blackley, John H
Brenn, Harry M
Brissette, Leslie C
Brown III, Wilbert
Brown, Marshall E
Bryant, Stacy D
Bums, Ralph W
Burkhart, Kenneth M
Burroughs, Paul N
Bynum, Alanson G
Campton, James R
Canter, Billy J
Chambers, Mark J
Church, Carl H
Cindrich, Gregory M
Cleven, Richard M
Corbin, Clinton C
Corona, Alessandro
Craig, Scott D
Dasenbrock, John H
Dempsey, Harry R
Dietz, Thomas R
Down, Robert E
Drager, Justin R
Eigenrauch, Robert A
Elster, Mark
Evans, Earl R
Evans, Robert K
Eve, Frank N
Funck, Alfied
Gardner, Darnell
Gaskin, Robert D
Gentry, Ralph R
Gist, Allan W
Gorin, Joseph M
Grapperhus, Stephen A
Grubbs, Ronald D
Haberbush, Glenn K
Hale, Harold L
Harer, David L
Hillsman, Sidney N
Hirschi, Bradford B
Hodge, Michael K
Homer, Leroy - Former McGuire C-141 pilot, was FIRST OFFICER on Flight 93, 9/11/2001
Hoye, Lonnie G
Hoyle 3rd, Edward
Huggins, Wayne R
Jenkins, Jimmy L
Johnson, Dale C
Kerr, Norman T
Kightlinger, James M
Kohler, Karl M
Kuechman, Thomas H
Kuhn, William A
Lake, Dale W
Lamers, Friedrich H
Lee, Stanley Y
Leonard, Leroy R
Lynch, David A
Mahy, Harold E
Martin, William G
McGany, Robert J
McGuire, Kevin
McNally, John R
McNeilly, Elmer A
Meeks, Robert M
Miller, Herman E
Miyoshi, Terrence
Moorefield Jr, CT
Moreland, George
Nicholson, Monty G W
Norman, James L
Osterfeld, Peter
Parent Jr, Edward
Payne, Edwin C
Payne, Gary T
Peer,Garland B
Perez, Carlos M
Quinn, Patrick F
Ramsey, Jason S
Remerscheid, John W
Rivera, Refugio
Roberts, Scott N
Shults, Roy E
Sielewicz, David
Simpson, James E
Solomon, Michael N
Starkel, Max P
Sullivan, Leo D
Sweatman, Jack C
Tant, James R
Thornton, Richard B
Vallejo, Peter C
Vanarsdall, Daniel
Vargas, Gaston J
Walker, Franklin L
Welch, Patrick A
Wells, Donald R
Wilkenson, Banks
Williams, Glenn R
Wilson, Alan L
Wilson, Jeffrey T
Witt, Morris B
Wright, Robert E
Young, David
Young, John F