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C-141 Tail Number:Crazy Stuff

C-141 Heaven: Crazy Stuff

Crazy Stuff

This page contains some things things that are crazy, but fun. There's a little political humor here too. Please don't write me about it..it's just good clean fun.

There are some movies and video files you can download (right-click/save-as) or possibly play directly depending on your browser configuration.

Air Force Careers

How Not to Land

Air Drop Bloopers

Why you don't want to be a Marine

Typical NCO Club Scene

Youtube Video: Iraq News Update

Youtube Video: US NAVY AT WORK

Youtube Video: Retro Entabulator

Part 2: C-141 Towing an F-106 (Honest!)

LAST C141 PDM at Robins (65-0248)

A reporter gets a hair cut

Need an APU?

Get your C-141 Parts Here

The Real Flight Engineer

TOP Secret 'Double-D' Model

You're in the Navy Now

The Real Flight Engineer

The Real Pilot