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C-141 Related Web Links

This page contains links to other web sites that you might find interesting. They are presented in no particular order, so please don't write and ask me why your site is not at the top of the list!!

Some of these sites may be commercial in nature (e.g., trying to sell you something). These have paid no fee to C141Heaven for inclusion here and are listed only because you might find them interesting.

If you know of other links that folks might be interested in seeing here, please let me know via email

Note: Since 9/11 the US Govt has stupidly removed a lot of links to non-classified information about things such as the C-141. For example, they used to have a very complete inventory of what was at Davis-Monthan on the DM web site. It's totally gone now, under the guise of 'national security'. The paranoid folks in HSA have convinced the military (it probably wasn't too hard to do) that Osama could use this information somehow, and as a result, a lot of information is no longer available on the web,and what is there tends to disappear as more paranoid government web-masters review their content. The point is, any links below may break at any time. If you find broken links please let me know. I will do my best to resurrect them.

Alan Baker's 141 Pages.

Some interesting info about 141's in the Vietnam area, including sample mission profiles.

57th Alumni Association


This site has thousands of photos of jets. They are mostly commerical airliners, but there can be a few nice military finds here and there. If you use the search feature you can locate over 100 photos of C141's. Just search for '141' only in the aircraft type.

What's really amazing is the fantastic quality of the photos. There are some truly spectacular shots and it's well worth the time to visit this site.

The Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation
is dedicated to preserving the memory and legacy of one of the greatest humanitarian/aviation events in history.

Their mission is to preserve this memory by preserving several aircraft used in the great event and creating "Flying Memorials and Classrooms" with the purpose of educating the public about this pivotal, yet forgotten, event in world history.

Professional Loadmaster Association (PLA) website
Devoted to Loadmasters of all flavors, not just C-141's!.

Hero Gear
If you were losing sleep because didn't think you'd be able to find any of the following C-141 stuff:
Key Chain, Large Pull, Keepsake Ornament, Ceiling Fan Pull, Wine Cork, Wine Charm, Electroplated Jewelry, Home Is Where Plaques, Shot Glass, Crystal Barware, Photo Album, Steel Flask, Zippo Lighter, or Utility Hook this is the place.

A patch collector's site (USAFPatches.com)
1000's of USAF patches, what else?

The AMARC Experience
A very nice (non official) web site about the boneyard

Pima Air and Space Museum-Tucson
Just got a C-141 (70-0013) for display from across the street at AMARG

Lockheed/Martin's Employee Gift Shop
Seems like all the C-141 items are long gone.

Federation of American Scientists
Their page about the C141

Ted Morris has a nice site about Diego Garcia

C-141 Accidents - Aviation-Saftey.net

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