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Ear Problems

Patrick J Sims

On our way from Guam to Clark I noticed that our passengers were getting bored and antsy. Remembering that the Super Bowl was being broadcast, I asked the AC to tune the game in and send it to the overheads in the cargo compartment.

After finding the game on the radio, the AC asked me if I could hear it OK in the back. "No", I replied over headset. "Turn it up some more."

After a moment, I heard, "How's that?"

"Nope … Turn it up more."

"How about now?", he asked.

"Nuthin", I replied.

"Well, goddammit, it's blowing my F***in' ears out!"

Suddenly, I realized that I wasn't listening to him over my headset … I was hearing him through the overheads! Knowing what he had done, I ran up to the flight deck and took a quick look to confirm my fears.

Yep, thinking he had put the game to the overheads, he had instead switched the PA switch to 'INPH & PA'.

The AC looked at me as I set the switch back to 'INPH'. Sadly shaking his head, he said, "Please tell me I didn't do what I think I did." I could only grin as I returned downstairs. "Guess who's buying the beer?" I thought.

At this point, I should mention that we had a DV and his wife on board.

After landing at Clark, the AC came down to say goodbye to the DV. As he was shaking the Colonel's hand, the wife leaned over and asked (with a big grin), "How're your f***in' ears?"

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