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UFO .... Almost

Gail H Meyer

One very dark night back in the seventies, while flying from Yokota to Hickam, with everyone asleep but the pilot and the engineer. The pilot and myself were b-s'ing to keep ourselves awake.

I was looking up toward the pilot and he was turned toward me. All of a sudden a big bright pale green perfectly round circle, with six or eight evenly spaced smaller pale green lights appearing around it, appeared way above our altitude.

I yelled, "What the f---!?" and pointed at it. The pilot turned and looked at it also. We then woke everyone on the crew to make sure they seen it also. Needless to say, the topic of conversation after that was the book, "Chariots of the Gods" and other such topics. Later the green light spread throughout the sky above us and weakened in color.

Later, when we got in VHF range prior to descent into Honolulu, the controller asked us if we had seen anything out there. The copilot said "WHY?"

We didn't want to admit to what we had seen. The controller then said the Air Force had fired an ICBM off out of Vandenburg toward Kwajalein Island, and was wondering if we had seen it. The copilot said "yes, we saw it". The big round light was another stage igniting and the small ones were the retro rockets.

It was almost a UFO for awhile.

Gail H. Meyer, SMSgt. (Ret)

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