C-141 Heaven -- Want List

When I was a kid I collected stamps. My stamp book had lots of pages, and each one had a few holes where there was a missing stamp. I made a little list that I carried to the stamp store .. my 'want list'.

This page is my want list for C-141 heaven. It's material that I KNOW exists out there somewhere and which would make a great addition to the web site, in one form or another.

It is presented in no particular order, but if you have any of this stuff and could contribute it to the site, or know someone who does, please consider passing it on to me for inclusion here so we can all share it. My email and mailing address are on the home page.

A lot of this material is over 40 years old, so if we don't 'save' it (if it still exists) it's going to be gone forever.

  1. The original SOR 128 document that defined the operational requirements for the C-141. This was issued by the Air Force in about 1960 or so. Somebody's gotta have one somewhere.

  2. A copy of Lockheed's bid for the project, or even just a few pages of it. They won, of course, and it would be cool to publish some of this material! Any other material such as letters between Lockheed and the AF or internal memos, etc., related to the contract and the project would be cool to see as well.

  3. A copy of any other company's bid for the same reasons.

  4. A Dash-1 in PDF form! Got it!!