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C141Heaven: Lockheed Information

This index lists various source materials that originated from Lockheed during the C-141's lifetime.

Early 60's 'Familiarization Manual HUGE!! History of the C-141 1966 Lockheed Management Club Yearbook
Section on C-141 Program
Some Assembly Required:
How to Build A C-141
Warner Robins Status Report--Fy02 Handout About the C-141
Given out at the Roll-out Ceremony
Day by Day:
The C-141 Chronology
Versatility Brochure
(circa 1965)
And You Thought Lockheed Made the C-141!
Cover and Article from
Flying Magazine-12/62
Briefing from AIAA Meeting
October 1966
C-141B Planning Guide Pamphlet
Lockheed 476L Documents Press Releases
Related to the Golden Bear Turnover

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