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C-141 Tail Number:61-2779

61-2779 was another NASA test airframe. It supposedly can be seen at the Edwards AFB museum, but the actual location of the aircraft seems to be in a remote area of Edwards as of July 2005.

Very early photo of 61-2779 on the ramp at Dulles
Note the Lockheed build number (6005) still painted on the nose.
Copyright © - probably Lockheed or AF photo
Source: unknown

A color photo of the above. Seems to be at the same location based on the background hangers and other aircraft.
Note the Lockheed build number (6005) still painted on the nose.
Copyright © - unknown

SEP-1974 at Ramstein AFB
Copyright © - unknown
Source: Werner Fishdick Collection

At Wright-Patterson, circa 1974.
Tests of a Portable Shelter System's wind resistance
The C-141 provided the wind!
Copyright © - Mark McCarthy

Copyright © - unknown
Source: unknown

Lockheed modified 2779 to do testing on a variety of advanced radars. Copies of the all pages from a brochure produced by Lockheed are shown below.

Source: David Jurcsison

Click here to download

a PDF of the entire brochure at high resolution.

This is 65-2779 in its advanced radar test bed configuration. This was it's final configuration before retirement to the Edwards museum.
Copyright © - AF Photo
Source: Dave Grant

This next set of photos was submitted by Shaka Loggie at the end of June, 2005. The aircraft is supposed to be in the 'Edwards Museum', but it seems to be sitting out all by itself in a remote area of Edwards.

June 30, 2005 at Edwards AFB
Copyright © - Shaka Loggie

This series of pictures was submitted by Carl Hayden in December, 2005. Here's his note:

I got a chance to see 61-2779 at Edwards just a few weeks ago while I was there for the AFMC Commanders Conference. She is parked at the south complex which is the original part of Edwards. The commander of the maintenance squadron was volunteering to be an escort for one of the GO's at the conference. His shop keeps the key to the lock that was on the crew entrance door. He made arrangements for someone to meet me at the plane and open it up for me. It was so cool to see the inside. The flight deck was pretty worn and weathered from the sun but the cargo compartment looked better than the flying ones at WP. The guy who runs the museum at Edwards wants to repaint it and put it on display there at Edwards.

A Blue Thing, by the Latrine.

If anyone knows what the 'blue thing' is, please send email to c141heaven@gmail.com to let me know. At this point my best guess is a $100,000 water-softener so the crew could have nice water for the $350,000 ice-maker (not-visible in this photo) so their cocktails didn't get that "off-taste".

OK, so here's the straight skinny on the blue thing (as of Monday, December 19, 2005 08:21 am)

The blue thing was part of the wave guide system for the ARTB test platform if my memory is correct.

I was the crew chief on this aircraft from before the nose mod until I delivered it to Edwards.

Also it was called 'Against The Wind' because I am a big Bob Seger fan from Detroit.

Paul Laemers
North Charleston, SC

And those big bundles of wires to the right look like the sort of ones you see in some of the finest low-rider cars in LA. They hook up the sub-woofers at the back of the aircraft to the dual 50,000 watt amps located in the under-deck electronics bay area. These were tested for Psy-Ops .. they played Brittany Spears albums over Iraq. It drove them nuts and they surrendered.

November 16, 2005 at Edwards AFB
Copyright © - Carl Hayden

A few aerial shots of Edwards. Looks like this might have been an airshow setup.

In July 2011, 2779 appears to be parked way up at North Edwards according to Google Earth photos (not sure when these were actually taken).

North Edwards is a couple of miles north of the main base. You can make out 2779 just baking in the sun near the red hanger at the bottom center.

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