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This web site is a 100% non-commercial tribute the to great Lockheed C-141 Starlifter. I'm not making any money by doing this...it is a pure labor of love for a great aircraft that passed into oblivion on the way to becoming beer cans, right before our eyes here in Tucson, AZ. The cost of maintaining the site is just a few hundred dollars per year and paid 100% out of my pocket.

Sadly, the C-141 fleet has been destroyed. Only a few remain at various aircraft museums around the country. Fortunately, they are only here temporarily as they pass through on the their way to C141 Heaven, where every single one of them belongs. If I had not moved here many years ago from Seattle, and seen with my own eyes what was taking place at the 'bone yard' this site never would have come into existence.

The material and photos on this web site generally fall into one of these categories:

   'Public domain' -- either official USAF or DOD pictures, news releases,etc.

  Unattributed photos or other information found at one web site or another.

  Material contributed by "aviation-nut" photographers or former C-141 crew members (many of whom were nuts, but not necessarily aviation-nuts), ground crew personnel, etc.

  Excerpts from news stories found on the internet or old publications such as newspapers, professional journals, etc.

I've found that putting the material directly on the site as opposed to linking to it at another server works better for the viewer because links to other places invariably break as those web sites change or disappear.

I'm not trying to misappropriate any material and will always give proper credit when it can be determined. If you have material that you'd like to share please send it to me and I will be more than happy to put it here in an appropriate category. Full credit will be given to you for your submission and if you have a web site of your own where you display more photos (personal or commercial) I will be happy to provide a link to your site.

If you see something that is yours and it is not properly credited please contact me via email before putting your lawyer on me. If you aren't willing to share your information or if I can't provide credit for your material in a way that makes you satisfied any such material will be removed. I'm doing this web site out of love and respect for a great airplane, and mad lawyers are not welcome here in C141Heaven (and probably not in the BIG heaven either, of which C141Heaven is only a small department).

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