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C-141 Tail Number:66-8089

Duncan Williams came across these two birds sitting on the ramp at Norton on one of the few really beautiful winter days they had every year in sunny (smoggy) Southern California. He was was really photographing the rare clear sky and snow on the mountains, but got the 141s also.

They got a new guy in the 53rd squadron during the summer when the smog was really thick every day. The first clear morning, which was a couple of weeks after he had arrived, he came running in the office, and pointing to the east he exclaimed, "There are mountains over there!" He actually didn't know they were there.

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From the Nicholas Willams collection

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20-AUG-1978 at FRA (Frankfurt/Rhein-Main AFB)
Copyright © - Werner Fishdick

30 Jan 1980 @ Fort Campbell
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McChord AFB, Feb 7, 1993
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McChord AFB, Jun 24, 1998
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Location/Date:Kanawha Airport (Now Yeager Airport), 1971
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