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C-141 Tail Number:64-0620

These pictures were taken at McMurdo Antartic station in December of 1972.

Don Adams

Bennie Drake (loadmaster) and Isron CarrDon Adams

Don Adams

Members of the Officer's Wive's Club at Andrews AFB meet 40620 as it returns from a long overseas mission.
Source:Dave Grant

The set of photos below appear to have been taken at an airshow in Europe by various aviation nut photographers during 2004 as best as I can tell.

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On January 18th, 2006 Jeremy Bell sent in the following comment regarding the above photograph:

This was C-141's last visit to the RIAT airshow at Fairford, England in the summer of 2004.
I'm in the right seat in the picture ... we are getting ready for takeoff.
Capt Jeremy Bell, 89AS/WPAFB
PS: Just started C-5 training at Altus :-(

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Photo submitted by Al Bortz, the crew chief of 64-0620.
On 1/19/06, Al Bortz ( wrench141abc@earthlink.net ) wrote:
I've been a 141 crew chief for some 25 yrs now . 64-0620 left Wright Patterson to Davis Monthan Jan 15th 2006. This is a picture of me by the plane the morning of its last flight. You could say I'm the last crew chief of the last plane to go to 'Heaven'. It was rumored it was going to Scott or Hill for a static display, but the paperwork didn't get filed in time. By the way, I've had my eMail address for seven yrs now. You can tell what I do for a living!

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