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C-141 Tail Number:65-0229

Copyright © - Nicholas Williams

Unloading the first C-141 (Tail 65-0229) to land at McMurdo Sound, Antarctica,
on November 14, 1976 during Operation DEEP FREEZE.
Copyright © - USAF Photo Source:60th Air Mobility Wing History Office.

I can't say for certain, but it looks like the next three photos were probably all taken on the same 'photo shoot' flight over Mt Rainier near McChord, in 1976 as best as I can tell.

Source:USAF Photo

Source:USAF Photo

Source:USAF Photo

Looks like Honolulu
Copyright © - JE 89 W

Here's an interesting set of photos of the aftermath of a birdstrike (or a very bad parking job). These were submitted by Dave Grant.

I got this note on 12/12/2005 from Ward Massey

I was one of the FE's on this flight. The radome suffered a failure during descent through 11,000' msl over the Cajon Pass (Hitop). We initially thought the latrine "doughnut" had let go since we we're losing cabin pressurization and the scanner had confirmed the latrine was empty. What was puzzling us was that it sounded like the nose gear had extended (un-commanded). The scanner checked and the nose gear was still safely stowed in the gear well, but none of us had any idea as to what had actually happened until we were in the blocks.

After our maintenance folk ran their own investigation it was found that this radome had recently been put on the airplane after coming from Warner-Robbins, GA. Several other radomes (5 or 6) were "coin-checked" and found to have defects that required removal for repair.

TSG Ward Massey
March ARB, CA

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