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C-141 Tail Number:65-0257

65-0257 is on permanent display at the March AFB Museum in southern California. You can see it there as you drive by on the freeway in either direction, but it's far better to get off the freeway and get up close. Some photos below give you an idea of the current condition of this aircraft...it's a pretty sad site, but better than having gone through the grinder in Tucson.

Location:McChord AFB, (It's raining, of course)

Location:Aviano AB, Italty
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Here's a little blub about 257 taken from the March AFB Museum web site:

The museum's C-141B Starlifter, serial number 65-0257, was delivered to the US Air Force in 1966 and has been assigned to Travis AFB, CA., McChord AFB, WA., Norton AFB, CA., and March AFB, CA. It was last assigned to the 452nd Air Mobility Wing, March AFB, CA. Its nose art is "Spirit of the Inland Empire".

It retired from service and was towed across the runway to the museum in November, 1999 after its 44,130 flight hours had exceeded designed safety limit specifications.

This aircraft could transport paratroopers, 13 cargo pallets, hospital patients, vehicles, combat troops or any combination, and, could also be employed for air drops.

It could carry 166 passengers in airline style seats; 205 passengers or 168 fully equipped paratroopers in the side-facing seats. 103 litter patients could be carried.

This aircraft was also modified to carry the Minuteman Missile.

The Starlifter was the primary aircraft used to transport the American POW's home after the Viet Nam war.

This aircraft was the first plane to arrive in Oklahoma City with the Red Cross and search dogs, after the tragic bombing.

65-0257 came to rest at the March Field Air Museum on 10 Nov 1999.

Other C-141 aircraft on public display can be seen at Scott AFB, IL., Dover AFB, DE., Warner Robins AFB, GA., and McChord AFB, WA.

Those of us at the March Field Air Museum extend our deepest gratitude to the men and women of the 452nd AMW, March ARB, for helping to make 65-0257 part of our proud collection.

According to the AF Historical Research Agency, Maxwell AFB, AL, this aircraft had the following history:

Manufactured by Lockheed Aircraft, Marietta GA and gained by the USAF on 27 May 1966.
Jun 1966 To 60th Military Airlift Wing (Military Air Transport Command), Travis AFB CA
Apr 1971 To 62nd Military Airlift Wing (Military Airlift Command) McChord AFB WA
Mar 1982 To Lockheed Aircraft, Marietta (to C-141B)
Jun 1983 To 62nd Military Airlift Wing (MAC), McChord AFB (deployment to Travis AFB)
Nov 1986 To 60th Military Airlift Wing (MAC), Travis AFB (last assignment located)
This aircraft is on loan from the Air Force Museum, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio.

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