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C-141 Tail Number:65-9408

This aircraft was destroyed at Da Nang AB, Vietnam, on 23 March 1967 while taxiing in after landing. As it crossed the inner parallel runway it was struck by an aircraft on takeoff roll.

The C-141 had just flown a nearly six-hour leg at night, to a GCA approach with weather of 700 feet and 2 miles visibility. After landing on the outer of two parallel runways, the crew turned off at mid-field and taxied toward the ramp. They were struck by a Marine A-6 taking off on the inner parallel runway.

The C-141's cargo included acetylene tanks. The A-6 was loaded with sixteen 5OO# bombs. Both aircraft were destroyed in an intense fire. Five of the six C-141 crewmembers were killed. One loadmaster survived. Both Marine crewmembers escaped with major injuries.

Poor radio equipment in the tower hampered communications between the aircraft. During the investigation, tower personnel stated that they had not cleared the C-141 to cross the inner active runway. Landing and taxi lights were not being used by either aircraft; both were displaying only navigation lights.

This information was provided by Paul Hansen.

The above photo was obtained from a site run by Donald Edward Cathcart. He's a former Marine pilot (call sign MOFAK). A copy of the page can be found at this link.

In March, 2012, I got a note from Andrew Pollock, a recent visitor to C141Heaven. The 366th did maintenance on F4 engines at DaNang in the way-back period. Andrew found this photo on the site:

The guy with leaning on the aircraft tail is not identified, but the photo was in a group labeled "Buddy C".

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