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C-141 Tail Number:66-0128

Date:November 1968
Location:Yokota AB, Japan
Copyright © - Nicholas Williams

Date:December 1968
Location:Yokota AB, Japan
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David Ames reports this tail number is special to him because
it was the first C-141 he got to start as a C-141 mechanic!
Location:Yokota AB, Japan
Copyright © - David Ames

On the ramp at Norton, 60128 is the last one in line.
USAF Photo

Got this info regarding this tail number:

On 22 June 1981 I was a crew member aboard 60128 out of Norton AFB CA. This aircraft and crew made the first mind-winter airdrop on the South Pole Station and McMurdo station in Antarctica.

We departed Christchurch NZ, were air refueled and then made our first drop at McMurdo. We then went on to the Pole station and made our drop there.. We were in the air for 15.3 hours that day.

I'm attaching the Certificate we were all given because it shows the tail number. I'll also send two messages from personnel at McMurdo and the Pole station. These really made our day..........(I'll send them in another e-mail)

Charles M Masterson, CMSgt USAF Retired. Everybody called me Bat.

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July 1 1984, Copyright © - Paul Minert

Oct 1984, Copyright © - Paul Minert

Years later, it's a McChord bird
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