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C-141 Tail Number:66-0142

April 1980
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This aircraft was destroyed in a mid-air collision with another C-141 ( 65-0255 ) on 1 Dec 1992.

The mission was scheduled as a 4-ship night air refueling/ airdrop training mission. Weather at the time of the incident was VMC but without a visible horizon. The tanker had just reached the end of the track and had completed a 180-degree turn with the lead C-141 in trail at FL255.

Lead completed refueling and backed off into what was later described as an "unusually close" post-refueling position and descended to FL250. The #2 aircraft completed refueling. During #2's back away, the pilot used 30 degree of bank, creating a 22 degree heading change, and a relative closure rate of 250'/sec (150 knots).

He allowed the aircraft to descend below lead, recognized his altitude, and pulled up from directly below the lead aircraft. The impact broke both sets of wing boxes; the two aircraft broke up and crashed, with the loss of all 13 crewmembers

The lead aircraft received a SKE proximity warning less than 3 seconds before impact. The #2 aircraft did not receive a proximity warning. Both crews had lost sight of the other aircraft before the collision.

This information was provided by Paul Hansen.

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