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C-141 Tail Number:66-0149

Copyright © - Gary Black,1968.
Taken @ Dover AFB. Just before boarding for a Space-A flight to Japan.


The following set of photos was submitted by Gary C Freniere. He was stationed at Robins AFB, GA in the 653d CLSS when they were able to get a C-141 for Aircraft Battle Damage Repair (ABDR) training back in 2000. The wings and tail were taken off and many of the squadron members along with other base agencies, local police and utilities helped tow the aircraft fuselage down the road to the ABDR training area. The wings and tail were put back on and the aircraft made to be systems functional. The entire project took nearly a year, mainly due to the squadron not having many C-141 "experts" and the numerous TDY's that they had to support. Even though the 653d no longer exists, during the time that it was around this C-141 trainer helped many people over the years to be able to perform their job better than they would have otherwise had they not had this aircraft.

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