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C-141 Tail Number:66-0166

66-0166 is often confused with 67-0166, depending on how much of the tail number you can see. Why they ever let there be such similar tail numbers is a mystery to me.

If anyone recognizes any of the photos on either of the 166 pages as being in the wrong place, please let me know.

What follows are a few photos of 66-0166 taken over the years in various roles.

Copyright © - USAF Photo

Copyright © - Torin Wilson

Location:Ponce-Mercedita/Puerto Rico in 2000
Copyright © - Victor M. Gonzalez

Copyright © - Phillip Michaels

Copyright © - Sergio Gava

A snapshot taken on the way to the Ice inside 166

Gettring ready to head out for the Ice. Probably New Zealand.

Copyright © - Werner Fishdick

9/21/2004-Copyright © - Phillip Kovaric

9/21/2004Copyright © - Phillip Kovaric

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