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C-141 Tail Number:66-0186

This set of photos of 186 was taken before 186 was stretched, probably by a Lockheed photographer. They were sent in to C141Heaven by Dave Grant. The exact date and location is unknown.

This was the first C-141 to be 'stretched'.

YC-141B after the 'stretch' plugs were installed, but not yet painted
Source: Steve Quigley

First flight of the YC-141B after the 'stretch'.
Source: unknown

66-0186 on the ramp after the stretch.
65-0269 parked next to it in 'stubby' mode.
Source: Lockheed photo from the collection of Paul Minert

Here's five pages from the February 1979 MAC Flyer regarding the stretch program

Source: unknown

Source: Paul Minert

Copyright ©: 1978 Michael Grove. Note the tail flash.

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