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C-141 Tail Number:66-0192

At Jackson Hole, Wyoming
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One of two C-141's to be hijacked....

Starlifter 66-0192 was waiting for cargo during an enroute stop at Bien Hoa AB, RVN. The Aircraft Commander was at command post. The other six crewmembers were relaxing in the cargo compartment when a 20-year-old US Army Private entered through the open ramp, carrying an M-16. He ordered the crew into the cockpit and demanded that they fly him "somewhere".

When the crew attempted to taxi, vehicles blocked their path. The hijacker ordered the loadmaster into the cargo compartment, then shot him three times. The crew advised authorities that the loadmaster had been shot. The vehicles moved and then again blocked the aircraft. The crew was able to communicate over headsets without the knowledge of the hijacker.

At a prearranged time, the navigator grabbed the rifle barrel, as the copilot and engineer lunged for the hijacker. In the struggle, 13 rounds were fired into the cockpit ceiling.

The crewmembers were able to overpower and disarm the hijacker before turning him over to the Security Police. The Loadmaster survived, but was later medically discharged.

There were no other serious injuries.

There was at least one additional hijacking attempt of a C-141, also during the war in Vietnam.

On 9/12/2007, the following additional information was submitted by Johan Ragay in the Netherlands :

Scanning the text of the Kaman Rotor Tips magazine of November-December 1970, page 21, I came by the following small report :


A crewmember, shot during an attempted C-141 hijacking at Bien Hoa AB, was taken to the hospital in an HH-43 from Det 6, 38th ARRSq. The detachment is stationed at the base. The seriously wounded man, who had been shot at close range with an M-16, was accompanied to the U. S. Army 24th Field Evacuation Hospital by a flight surgeon.

The hijacker had been captured immediately after the shooting. Manning the Pedro were Capt Roy M. Litzen, pilot; Capt Russell T. Birmingham, Jr., copilot; Sgt Earl S. Wright, helicopter mechanic; and TSgt Grady J. Mullins, medical technician.

Copyright © - Phil Kovaric

Copyright © - Phil Kovaric

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