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C-141 Tail Number:66-7958

Apollo 11
Tricky Dick waiting for the arrival of the Apollo Capsule on the USS Hornet.
After touchdown, the astronauts make their way to the quarantine trailer on the USS Hornet.
Tricky Dick greeting the astronauts. I have no idea why the Presidential Seal is on the trailer. Note that it is not on the door in the previous photo.

See the 'Hornet +3 ' sign above the window? According to an oral history document that NASA created years after the Apollo 11 mission, this sign covered up the AIRSTREAM logo.

AIRSTREAM had given NASA a lot of help in creating the quarantine trailer in exchange for the promise of all of America (and the world for that matter) seeing the returned Astronauts smiling through that big window, right under the Airstream logo. Then some Navy Public Affairs puke decided they wanted to be sure everyone knew that the USS Hornet was involved, so they covered up the Airstream logo with the Hornet+3 sign.
Off-Loading the quarantine trailer from the Hornet at Pearl Harbor following splashdown.
The quarantine trailer being loaded onto 7958 at Hickam AFB.
The quarantine trailer being loaded onto 7958 at Hickam AFB.
Inside the quarantine trailer on the way to Ellington AFB, TX They had 2 other NASA folks with them in the trailer, and steaks, gin for martinis, and hot water for showers. To make the astronauts feel like they were still in space they installed that panel towards the front with lots of dials, lights, switches, and push buttons. And that looks like a box of Hickam Pineapples on the floor!
Removing the moon rocks at Ellington AFB, near Houston
The box of rocks.

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