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C-141 Tail Number:67-0030

Date:November 1968
Location:Yokota AB, Japan
Copyright © - Nicholas Williams

These three photos were taken at Charleston in the late 70's. All were submitted by George Miller from his extensive collection of C-141 materials.

USAF Photo

If anyone can ID these folks please let me know!
USAF Photo

Not a great shot of 67-0030, but it's the one behind 66-0187
USAF Photo

This aircraft was destroyed in an accident near Cairo, Egypt on 12 November, 1980

Synopsis: 67-0030 was part of an ongoing international exercise. The crew attempted a night visual approach. During the turn to final, bank and rate of descent increased until impact. Cairo weather was reported as 20,000 foot broken and 5 miles visibility.

The nearly new moon had set at 2044 local Cairo time. The desert terrain around the airfield is dark and devoid of ground lights. Flying from. Rhein-Main AB Germany, the crew was given an enroute descent and clearance for a visual approach shortly before midnight local time.

They attempted a visual straight-in, decided to go around, then set up for a visual traffic pattern at 2000 feet. Thirty seconds after starting the final turn, bank and rate of descent increased rapidly. The aircraft crashed seconds later, approximately 3 miles from the runway. Six crewmembers and seven passengers were killed.

The above information was provided by Paul Hansen

A new defunct web site devoted to US EOD personnel source says this:

November 12, 1980
SMSgt Gerald J. Stryzak, SRA Raymond J. II Bianchi, and A1C Blaine J. Meyer were assigned to the 27th Equipment Squadron, Cannon AFB, NM. They perished when a C-141 aircraft crashed during landing during a tactical response deployment in Cairo-West, Egypt.

A panoramic view of the accident scene
Copyright © - William S. Quiqley

Three more views area after the crash.
Source: AF Photos

The following two photos were sent in by Richard "Rocky" DeMichael in March of 2007. He was a loadmaster in the 30th MAS from 1978 to 1985 and spent some time at Cairo West during operation "Bright Star 1981" as an ALCE Loadmaster. He took these about 1 year after the crash. In the second photo you can see a fence behind the debris and he was told that much of the crash remains were in a still active mine field.

Copyright © - Richard DeMichael

Copyright © - Richard DeMichael

See the GlobalSecurity.org website for more info on the Bright Star exercises.The US participated in Bright Star exercises from 1981 until 2001. After that the GWOT took too many resources to permit our forces to continue participation in these biannual exercises.

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