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C-141 Tail Number:67-0165

November 1983
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This aircraft took off from Panama on 9 March 1990. When it did the right main gear fell out. The main strut had broken on landing in Panama.

The aircraft flew to Fort Benning to attempt drop the cargo in flight. However, the pallets near the ramp jammed and the cargo couldn't be air-dropped. The aircraft had several civilian passengers including a small child. Since Robins was the depot for the C-141 the aircraft was routed to land there.

It flew over the Atlantic and dumped as much fuel as possible, and then made several fly-bys prior to landing. With all emergency personnel in place the crew began the approach. The landing looked normal with the exception that the right gear was missing.

The pilot did an outstanding job keeping the right wing up until the aircraft was almost stopped. The picture below shows the aircraft as it was going down the runway just before it stopped. The wing tip of the right wing never touched the ground. It landed at approximately 1700 9 March.

I was a C-141 aircraft supervisor and one of the first on the scene. Very shortly after the aircraft stopped the crew ladder came down and a woman holding a small child exited. Then the other civilians and the crew then disembarked.

The fire department at this time was extinguishing a small fire on the #4 engine.

The aircraft was jacked and a temporary gear was installed, and it towed off the runway at 0100 10 March. The damage was mainly to the #4 engine and the right 1058 frame.

The aircraft was repaired at Robins and returned to service in about 3 months.

Robert Collins

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