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In the early 60's the AF issued a document called SOR 182. This was a statement of the Air Force requirements for what was to become the C-141. Lockheed and other manufacturers responded with proposals to the AF detailing their solutions to the requirements listed in SOR 182. We are still looking for a copy of the complete SOR 182 document, and are hopeful that it will turn up and somebody will submit a copy to C141Heaven for inclusion here.

In the mean time, here's a set of link's to a 5 documents that comprise Lockheed's proposal to the AF for the C-141. I don't know if this is the final copy or an interim draft, but be warned, these are MASSIVE PDF copies of hundreds of pages of documents and will take a while to download. Each is between about 20mb and 50mb in size.

They make fascinating reading. There are lots of 'concept' drawings of things that never materialized, detailed cost work-ups (did you know [or remember] that direct labor costs were about $2.75 an hour in 1960!), proposed flight-deck panel layouts, and so on.. There's just no end to how much time you can spend looking over this stuff.

Download them to your local PC for viewing offline.

  1. Summary Briefing [55mb]
  2. Basic Proposal [41mb]
  3. Substantiating and Trade-off Data [45mb]
  4. Operational Data [28mb]
  5. Special Technical And Cost Data [23mb]

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