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Saturday, October 26, August 5, 2013

AF C‑141 Training Materials

More training docs from Terry Hanson. These are all PDF documents.


Sunday, August 5, 2013

Lockheed C‑141 Training Materials

I received a large stash of C‑141 training materials from Terry Hanson who flew on the C‑141 years ago and has about 5000 hours. Here's his CV:

C‑141 Crew Chief, 65-0223, McGuire AFB, NJ (1978-1982)
C‑141 Flight Engineer, 7th MAS Travis AFB, CA (1982-1989)
C‑141 Flight Engineer, 710th MAS Travis AFB, CA (1989-1995)
KC-10 Flight Engineer, 70th ARS Travis AFB, CA (1995-1997)
15th Air Force - Stan/Eval (1997-1999)
Taught C‑141 simulator and Flight Engineer System Refresher (FESR) at Travis Aug 1989 to Oct 1997.

1--- Section 1-General Aircraft
2-01 Power Plant-Introduction/Fundamentals
2-02 Power Plant-General Description-Specs
2-03 Power Plant-Engine Construction and Components
2-04 Power Plant-Engine Systems
2-05 Power Plant-Misc Engine Systems
2-06 Power Plant-Engine Control System
2-07 Power Plant-Auxillary Power Unit
3-01 Electrical-Fundamentals
3-02 Electrical-Power System
3-03 Electrical-A-C Power
3-04 Electrical-D-C Power
3-05 Electrical-Misc
4-01 Environmental Systems
5-01 Hydraulic Systems
6-01 Avionics-Introduction
6-02 Avionics-Interphone
6-03 Avionics-PA System
6-04 Avionics-HF Radio
6-05 Avionics-VHF Radio
6-06 Avionics-UHF Radio
6-07 Avionics-Radio Compass
6-08 Avionics-VHF Navigation
6-09 Avionics-Glideslope System
6-10 Avionics-Marker Beacon
6-11 Avionics-Tacan Navigation
6-12 Avionics-Loran C Navigation
6-13 Avionics-Radar Navigation
6-14 Avionics-Radar Pressurization
6-15 Avionics-IFF
6-16 Avionics-Doppler Radar
6-17 Avionics-Doppler Nav Computer
6-18 Avionics-Nav Computer
6-19 Avionics-Radar Altimeter
6-20 Avionics-Crash Position Indicator
6-20 All Weather Landing System

Note that sections 7 and 8 were not available.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


August 1967 Point Mugu NAS (California) returning NMCB-8 Seabees from an 8 month deployment to Vietnam.
"Can Do"--Terry Lukanic

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A short bit on flying the C141

Found this article by Alton Brewer, Jr., in a book about "Flying Combat Aircraft" ... click here to read it.

The name is familiar to me from my time at KTCM duriing the mid-late '70s.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Apollo 15 Recovery Mission Photos

Got a note from a pilot who flew the Apollo 15 astronauts and a bunch of moon rocks from Hickam to Houston:.

These are images from the Apollo 15 Recovery mission in 1971. I scammed my way on that baby because I have a degree in Journalism and a background in Professional Photography so the 86h CO figured that he had to assign a co-pilot anyway, why not get some pub for the squadron?

I was a 141 driver with the 86th MAS at Travis from 1970 to 1975 when I separated from active duty, joining the 349th Reserve Wing at Travis in the 301st MAS (C‑5) in 1976. 4,000 of my 5,000 hours flight time are in C‑141.

Best Regards,

Edward F. "Ned" Nevels
Napa, CA

These are presented in the order in which he had them numbered, though I don't think that necessarily corresponds to the order in which they were taken.

Col. Scott, Apollo 15 Mission Commander talking with our A/C (a major who was assigned to 22nd AF Standardization but attached to the 86th for flying (his name escapes me). I don't know if it was this one or another not shown but one of them was on the cover of the Air Force Times) I own the copyright because I bought my film and paid for it's processing so the AF could not claim "work done for Hire" ownership despite my taking the images while on duty. The others have not previously been published. You have my permission to use these images on your site without charge or limits.

Lunar samples being loaded on the No 10 pallet position (It was officially designated as "Non-Jettison able!")

Col. Scott chatting with the cockpit crew

Col. Scott and crew being escorted to board our C‑141 by some star-struck Generals (including CINC PACAF, etc) after a welcoming ceremony at Hickam Base Ops after arrival by helicopter from the Aircraft Carrier. 15 was the first lunar mission where the crew did not go into isolation upon return so not custom Airstream Trailer.

From the Crew Door as the Governor of Hawaii shakes Col. Scott's hand. Just before boarding. (along with 30 NASA Doctors who were all drunk by level off...apparently they were "stuck" on the carrier waiting for 30 days-poor babies!)

Astronauts and their entourage arriving via helicopter.

Our bird on the ramp as we showed and flight-planned at Oh-Dark-Thirty before leaving for Houston.

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