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C141Heaven: 2018 Blog

January 2018

Hello Again Everyone!

After a long period of slumber, I'm trying to get C141Heaven more active. With few exceptions, since the final flight on May 6th, 2006, there hasn't been much C-141 News. Gradually, a few things of note have happened (such as the final move of the Hanoi Taxi indoors and out of the weather).

I get an email alert from Google when it finds things C-141 related. These have, sadly, mostly proved to be obituaries for former AF personnel with some association with the C-141, whether it be air-crew, crew-cheifs and maintainers, civilians who worked on them, etc. So if you have any C-141 photos, news, or memories you'd like to share, please pass them along for all of us to share.

A few folks have sent me photos which I've been delinquent in posting. So the resolution for this year is to catch up!

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