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C-141 Tail Number:65-9398

A limited number of C-141's were modified to carry the Minuteman Missile inside its shipping container. 65-9398 was one of these aircraft. The modification included a reinforced floor due to the weight of the loaded container, which exceeded the normal 70,000 max cargo capacity of the C-141 (at the time). Fred Bruch, a former C-141 pilot, submitted these two photos of a loading operation at Minot.

The missiles were carried to the SAC bases where they were loaded onto trailers and taken to the launch silo sights. From time to time the missiles were pulled from the silos and sent to Edwards AFB for test launches and also to Hill AFB where they were given the xray treatment on a huge machine to check for cracks in the solid fuel propellant.

Copyright © - Fred Bruch

Scientists deplane at McMurdo Sound, Antarctica during Operation DEEP FREEZE in 1976.
Copyright © - USAF Photo Source:60th Air Mobility Wing History Office.

3/9/95 @ March AFB: Copyright © - Paul Minert

9/21/2004 @ Boneyard: Copyright © - Phil Kovaric

10/5/2004 @ Boneyard: Copyright © - Phil Kovaric

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