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C-141 Tail Number:66-0180

At Osan AB Korea, January 1985
Copyright © - unknown

This aircraft ended up at the Warner-Robins museum as a static display

Copyright © - Axel Juengerich

Copyright © - Suresh A. Attapatu

Copyright © - Suresh A. Attapatu

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In March of 2006 I got this note from Ross Erwin:

Here are a few photos of 66-0180 taken here at the museum in Warner Robins GA. I will try to keep you updated on the situation with this aircraft as we will not be keeping it here at the museum much longer.

Right now we are exploring two options. Scrapping the aircraft in place with a local company or moving it to another museum. The people at Maxwell AFB have expressed an interest in obtaining the aircraft although they will have to secure funding for the movement of the aircraft. The restoration folks here have said they will disassemble the aircraft and help in the loading of the aircraft to help cut cost of the move.

All above taken in March 2006
Copyright © - Erwin Ross

On August 20th, 2006, I got the following note from Wayne King:

I was at the museum in Warner Robbins on Friday, August 18th. I walked around back and saw some activity around aircraft 66-0180. I noticed they were removing the left aileron. I was setting up to take a picture of the engines because the engine cowls were removed when a man came up to me and asked if I had worked on 141's. I asked "How could you tell?" He said he noticed that when I walked up to the aircraft that had I reached out and patted it on the radome.

I told him that I was once a Crew Chief on 67-0010. He said I could go up into the aircraft if I wanted to take some pictures. (See Below) When I came back out and went to thank him I asked if they where doing maintenance.

He said the were taking all the spares that they could off the airframe because it was soon to be scrapped. I felt as if someone had hit me in the chest. He said that due to the fact they had two of them, they had to get rid of one. They asked if any body wanted it and Maxwell AFB showed an interest, but the cost of moving it there was $30,000. A little too steep for their budget. I asked when it was going to be scrapped and he said it would be soon.

Wayne King

All above taken in August 2006
Copyright © - Wayne King

They had two C-141's at Warner-Robbins museum, and could not find another museum willing to take 66-0180, so in December of 2006, 180 was destroyed.

I got this note from Erwin Ross in late December:

Just a note along with some pictures of the beginning of the end of 66-0180. The contractor arrived December 2nd to begin work on the removal of the aircraft from the Museum of Aviation here at Warner Robins.

The tail was removed on December 5th. The process of 'removal' will take about ten days according to the contractor.

It's not all for naught, as 180 has donated many parts to help maintain our other 141 (502348) here at the museum.

Erwin Ross

The photos below span a total time of 28 minutes from start to finish according to the timestamp on the digital images.

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