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C-141 Tail Number:67-0005

This aircraft was delivered to Norton AFB on 10/26/67 with 25.4 hours. Just 13 months later it had accumulated over 2700 hours.

Source:USAF Photo.
67-0005 and a few others on the ramp at Norton
sometime in the late 70's.

June 75 takeoff from Norton AFB
Copyright © - Bill Weeper

Source:Craig Rinker.

Source:Craig Rinker.

Balls 5 at Norton Nov 91
Looking immaculate, fresh out of refurb.
Source:Craig Rinker. Crew chief on 005 in the 80's.

Source:Craig Rinker.

Source:Craig Rinker.

October 1986
Copyright © - Paul Minert

At the boneyard, McChord markings on the nose
Copyright © - Phillip Kovaric

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