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C-141 Places:I've Been Everywhere
The C-141 Travels the World

Perhaps more than any other aircraft ever flown by the USAF or any other military branch, the C-141 has truly been everywhere. These pages contain images of many of those places and where the person who submitted them did so, a few comments about the location.

The list below is just a start; there are hundreds places all around the world the C-141 has flown on routine cargo missions, humantitarian relief missions, in war and in peace. If you have some pictures or stories about any of the places the C-141 operated please send them in to me at this link.

Altus Australia Clark AB
McGuire AFB Diego Garcia Easter Island
England GITMO Grenada
Hickam Iraq Charleston
Travis McChord March
McMurdo Sound Norton Wake Island
Yokota AB
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