Tall Tales and Stories

If you have some good stories, please send them in for inclusion here. It would be nice if they are "true" but the absolute truth ... well, that's only part of a good story. As generations of politicians have shown us, if you say anything over and over again, it must be the truth.

If you are revisiting this page, the newer stories will be at the bottom of the list. They are simply added in order, as received.

Close Call in 65-0265

First Trip to Viet Nam

Trip to Mogadishu Somalia

The Goodie Waggon

Coffee In Tehran

C-141 Bombs Iraq

Tail of The Storm

Ear Problems

Welcome Aboard

C-141 KILLS Mr. Ed

One for All (But Me)

If Lost, Hail a StarLifter

Acid Trip





Darwin Award #1

Supersonic StarLifter

Fire On the Ground

Gas Shortage

Typical Mission

Pissed Off Kilroy was Here

Gallant Eagle - Air Drop 1982

Let's Do it Again!

Airlift's #1 Boxing Team


Dangerous Cargo

Dash-9 Supplement

Unique Cargo

Passing The Hours



Memories II

Love & Marriage

Amstel & Steak

Evacuation of Saigon

Skateboard Soldier

Near Miss

Line Badges

Hungry Pilot vs. Angry Loadmaster

Burn Victim

Puppy Training

Kondra For Commander

JimmyJay's Aviation Anecdotes

Vomit Machine

Martin Luther King Riots

SOF Duty

Attitude Problem

Before and After

Do you Like Beer?

A very Messy C-141

An Air Force One Tall Tale

Wake Island

A C-141C Scale Model


Coming Up Short

Just Cause

Starlifter Wedding

Why I Chose the C-141

Alert Loadmaster Saves the Day

Customs? What's That?

177 Final Flight
The end of the C-141 Era

Army C-141 Tall-Tale

The C-141 and MAC

UFO ...(Almost)

A Wake Island Story

Your Ride is Here

The Brake Swivel

Australia, 1968

Australia, 1968, Part 2

Olympic Express 1996

Blessed Be the C-141

Dinner's Ready


Get Offa' of My Cloud!!!

Ailing Aileron Airways

T-Tail Geyser

Desert 1?

A Night to Remember